Why You Should Switch to a VoIP Phone System Now

With the current advancement on VoIP in the telecommunication industry, it doesn’t come as a surprise that companies in Singapore are choosing to upgrade their telephone systems. However, you might be wondering if the coveted benefits of the said phone system are worth the hassle of switching and paying the extra expenses. To help answer that, we listed down not just one or two, but 10 significant reasons why switching your to VoIP is your best move for your company’s telecommunication system.

1. Calls Made Through VoIP are Much Cheaper

Since this cloud-based phone system routes telephone calls through the internet, local calls made between employees – irrespective of where they may be in the world – are free. Overseas calls, on the other hand, only cost a fraction of the rates charged by telephone companies, therefore reducing your monthly phone bill. Just imagine the amount of work you can do if you’re not worrying about making long-distance calls through VoIP, which are supposedly expensive with your conventional telephone line.

2. Doesn’t Require Any System Maintenance

With traditional telephone systems, maintaining and updating your phone system will require you to purchase pricey enterprise features. If you don’t have the necessary in-house expertise, you will be forced to purchase expensive maintenance or contractors from carriers. But with VoIP in Singapore, the hassle of maintaining your system will become a thing of the past. All the telecommunication features that you need can be delivered online with https://www.crystalvoice.com.sg/ from Singapore and can be enabled using a dashboard. Simply put, you will no longer be using an equipment that requires any maintenance or regular updates.

3. Offers Better Telecommunication Features

VoIP allows you to get just the same great features that is not possible in traditional phone systems, regardless if you are running a small or large business in Singapore. Whether it’s call conferencing, call recording, music on hold, custom auto-attendant or digital faxing, the cloud-based telecommunication system offers a variety of features available to help improve the efficiency of your business.

4. Doesn’t Need New Hardware Purchases

Although it seems counterintuitive, upgrading your communication services to a newer technology doesn’t have to cost your business a fortune. If you purchased your VoIP service from a third-party vendor, then the only hardware you will be needing are IP phones. You can use even the most basic telephone models, which are already equipped with an array of useful features and can be upgraded later on.

5. Voicemails can Now Be Managed Easily

Did you ever wish you can manage your voicemail the same way as your email? After all, it’s often a pain to open your voicemail, listen to every message received and then delete it one by one. But with VoIP in Singapore, your voicemail can be automatically transcribed and sent to you as an email, and handle them the same way you manage your emails.

6. Promotes Digital Faxing

While it seems a little old school, a lot of businesses in Singapore still rely on sending faxes to relay messages. But sending an occasional fax means you still have to maintain some fax machines in your office, which could be a problem if you are trying to cut down your paper waste. Luckily, some vendors are now offering digital faxing that allows you to send and receive faxes on your computer and be printed only when they are needed. With this, you can now get rid of fax machines and lessen the amount of paper used in your office.

7. Provides Convenient Telecommunication Services

What a lot of VoIP users enjoy the most about their phone service is the convenience it offers. Even with a cloud-based phone service, you will still be able to make and receive phone calls the same you did with your traditional telecommunication service, thus making your business’ transition to VoIP completely seamless.

But aside from offering you the same call services, VoIP also allows its consumers to manage their voicemail, monitor their call activity, view their billing information and change their account information at their own convenience. Plus, most VoIP service providers in Singapore offer various means to contact them, assuring their customers that they will always be available to provide help and support for their phone system.

8. System Upgrades Don’t Take Much Time

Almost every establishment has undergone extensive technology upgrades that often disrupt the business workflow. For businesses using hosted services, however, the transition will likely take only a few hours or a day. In fact, you no longer have to call a technician to install the IP phones, as most vendors already provide provisioning, making the phones a truly plug-and-play equipment.

9. Showcases Flexible Phone Services

Whether you are on a business trip or would like to work at home, you will be able to remotely use and access your business telephone system and enjoy all the benefits of VoIP like you’re just sitting right in your desk. When making calls, you will appear on the other line as if you are calling from the office, since you will be using the same phone numbers. Moreover, you can dial extensions to conveniently reach your colleagues.

10. Pay for Just What You Use

With a conventional phone system, you need to be specific with the number of lines you need upon installation. Oftentimes, companies overestimate the number of lines they need and end up paying extra for resources they did not use. VoIP numbers and lines, on the contrary, can be provisioned immediately. The extra resources can be disbanded so you can be sure you are only paying for the services that you used.

These are not just the great reasons why you should consider switching to VoIP. From the unique features that it offers to its money-saving advantages, upgrading to a cloud-based phone system will surely help in improving your business’ efficiency and level of professionalism.

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