Top Poses for Selfie Addicts


Singaporeans love a good selfie. In fact, there are even others who agree that taking selfie is a mental disorder leading to obsession. Around the world, millions of selfie are taken every day and there is nothing that we can do but appreciate it. Taking selfies is a self-expression and no matter what subject you choose, it always look good.


If you are a selfie addict, you already mastered the art of taking photo through your smartphones but how about those who are still learning. Selfies is for all and learning how to pose can make a difference at the end of the day. There are different poses that you can consider. As if it is not enough, you can also look for camera applications that can facilitate a good result.

The challenge when taking a selfie is holding the camera. You have to hold the camera depending on the angle and make it look like a masterpiece. The trick here is posing. If you know how to pose, you will have no problems. Start with these top poses for selfie photos:

  • Forget about the face: When you hear selfies, the thing that comes to find is a photo of oneself. You have to know that selfies can be any pic of the body as long as it is taken by you. For a little out of the box photo of you, why not take a picture of your feet? This is good if you want to stress new shoes or if you are somewhere travelling. If you want to flaunt your new bracelet, why not take a picture together with your arms?


  • Crop: When taking selfie, unless you are in your room alone, the environment tends to be distracting. You have to eliminate the distractions by either cropping your face tight. Remember that when you hold your phone closer to your face, it can actually accentuate features of your face then it minimizes things further. Accentuating means your eyes will seem smaller and nose longer.


  • Two-handed selfie: When taking selfie, you have to decide whether to hold it with one hand or two hands. If in this case you choose to hold it with your two hands because it is easier to hold the camera, you just need to be careful of your fingers not covering the lenses.


  • Taking a selfie out of the selfie: Another fun idea is to ask a friend to shot you while you are taking a selfie. This is interesting and flattering. When you do this, you can consider a selfie stick.


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