How to Avoid Running Injuries for Beginners

Running is often the top choice of activity among new fitness buffs because of its low start-up costs – you get to do it just about anywhere and it doesn’t cost you any fees or long-term dues. Just like any workout or physical activity, however, running could also result to some serious injuries. Fortunately, there are numerous preventive measures that you can take to avoid getting injured while running, and some of those are as follows:

  1. Run on Various Terrains

Although it seems more convenient, it’s actually not advisable to run on the same surface for longer periods as it’ll overstrain your legs. Instead, switch between bumpy and smooth surfaces to avoid injury and make your leg muscles stronger. Running on different surfaces causes you to make various foot movements, which in turn increases the muscle strength of legs.

  1. Wear the Right Running Shoes

The best way to avoid getting injured is to wear the right pair of running shoes. These shoes are designed to make your feet comfortable and safe as you run. Failing to wear the right pair will eventually lead to serious injuries, such as plantar fasciitis. It’s a common heel injury among runners, but is avoidable by wearing shoes specifically made for people with the said injury.

  1. Stay Light on Your Feet

Adopting the right running technique is another way of preventing injuries from happening. Being light on your feet will aid in preventing sore knee ligaments, Achilles injuries, strains and other running injuries. If possible, try maintaining a healthy way as you start your running routine because lesser weight means lesser strain on your leg muscles.

  1. Perform Strength Training

Other than maintaining your weight, performing some strength training is another way of avoiding common running injuries. Start performing workout routines meant for the lower leg, such as calf raises and knee exercises. It’d also be good to incorporate core exercises like quadriceps and hamstrings to create proper balance. Performing these routines is crucial to obtain robust muscles and to lessen your chances of getting running injuries.

  1. Go on a Running Diet

A healthy diet also plays an important role in preventing injuries. As much as possible, consume protein-rich foods to help in repairing sore muscles. Eating foods loaded with calcium is also advisable since they aid in strengthening and keeping your bones healthy. A good diet serves as fuel for your body, which is why it’s crucial that it provides you with adequate energy and strength.

Even as a beginner, it’s possible for you to enjoy an injury-free running routine. By exercising regularly, consuming healthy foods and using the right running gear, you’ll be able to avoid acquiring any injuries and enjoy the benefits of running to the fullest.

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