Here’s a List of Quick Do’s and Don’ts for Your Wedding Flowers

Your wedding day bouquet and floral decor are among the visual highlights of your wedding. While a number of guests pay utmost attention to the bride’s gown, more often than not, their eyes also gaze on the wedding flowers surrounding the venue. It is easy to capture one’s attention through the flowers alone. If you want your wedding to be as special as it can get, you can always kick it up a notch by selecting flowers that will undoubtedly stand out.

Given that weddings are usually a once in a lifetime event, it is only understandable to want nothing but the best for your pre-wedding preparations of which includes the flowers. Seeking the help of a wedding florist will help you deal with details and come up with your dream bouquet come to life — considering your bridal bouquet alone should not only fall accordingly in your favor, but it should also bring a sense of style and sophistication to match with the overall color scheme and wedding motif.

While there are a number of floral boutiques in Singapore which will offer you the help you need, the process in itself can still get tricky to pull off. You will need to work closely with your florist while sticking to your personal design as well. With that, this article will present a list of do’s and don’ts for your wedding day flowers to help you pull off a blooming and gorgeous celebration.

The Do’s

Instead of plainly insisting on specific flowers, allow your wedding florist to work with a chosen color palette. This is highly encouraged especially if you are on a tight budget. Your ideal flowers may be pricey at the time of your wedding, which may require you to spend a couple more dollars than you ought to. However, your florist would know how to work their way around your floral decor with consideration for price, seasonal flowers, and availability of certain blooms if they work with a particular color palette instead.

Ensure that your bridal bouquet is manageable. While bulky and large bouquets look stunning in photographs, small-sized bouquets such as those from in Singapore can also pull it off just the same. Note that larger bouquets may also be heavier, hence it’ll require you to put your upper arm strength to a use. Going petite is a safer option if you don’t want your arms to feel worn-out after the whole ceremony!

Unleash your creative side. Remember that you can include non-floral design elements into your wedding flowers especially in your ceremonial displays and reception blooms. From table centerpieces to your wedding car decor, don’t be afraid to jazz it up with designs such as sparkly beads, ribbons, lights, pearls of all sizes, or jewelry. If you’re feeling it, you can even incorporate candles in your center table displays.

Work closely with your florist. While there are a lot of renowned florists in Singapore who can provide wedding day flowers every bride could hope for, it is still best to work with them closely as you prepare for it together. Tell them if there’s any flower in particular that mean something to you, whether it may be the sunflowers your husband to-be gave you on your first date or if your mom used to grow roses while you were young — incorporating them into your blooms would definitely make a lovely, nostalgic tribute.

The Don’ts

Don’t use your floral decor merely as cover-up. Though it may be tempting to use your floral displays to conceal and divert the attention of guests from less polished parts of the venue like the fire exit, you are better off not doing it. They’re just likely to draw more attention from the crowd. One good approach is to use the blooms to entice attention towards the highlights of the room instead, like the wedding cake or the tables.

Don’t choose flowers which are inclined to wilt rapidly. It is also important to consider if your chosen wedding flowers can stand room temperature or the warm Singapore weather outside if you’re holding an outdoor wedding. There is a chance your wedding car decor or reception floral displays might begin to wilt shortly and lose their appeal before the wedding ceremony is even over — something you might want to avoid beforehand.

Don’t use strong-scented flowers for your table centerpieces. If you do, chances are the scent will overpower the food you’ll be serving. It might affect the appetite of your guests, or even make them lose their appetites completely. You certainly wouldn’t want to waste all the efforts poured over crafting your wedding day menu, would you?

Don’t leave all the work to your wedding florist. While you are paying them for their assistance and services, it is still encouraged for you to do your part in choosing your wedding day flowers. You do not have to go entirely with what’s on trend or what’s new in the fashion world lately. It’s better if you decide for yourself what you really want, especially when it comes to your wedding day. Plan it your way and leave no regrets!

Planning for the perfect wedding floral decoration and bridal bouquet is considerably tricky to pull off. You cannot leave all the work to your florist alone, you also have to put in heaps of effort in your part for the both of you to work together. There are certain factors and considerations that you should be taking into account while choosing your blooms. From practicality to creativity, what matters is that you apply each — should you deem it fit with your situation.

If you keep them in mind, chances are you will reap off the fruits of your hard work and preparation on your wedding day!

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