Health Conditions That Could Result from Binge Eating


Binge Eating Disorder, otherwise called as BED, is an eating disorder characterized by binge eating. It was first known in 1959 as Night Eating Syndrome. To date, BED is one of the most predominant eating disorders among grown-ups. Maybe you haven’t heard about this disorder since it  has less research and media coverage compared to bulimia and anorexia nervosa.


Binge eating should not be ignored. This is the reason why the Singapore Health Promotion Board is encouraging people to eat healthy and regularly and avoid binge eating large amounts of food at many times. You have to know that BED can affect your overall health.

Here are some negative influence of BED to your overall health:

  1. Obesity. If you eat lots of times regularly, you might have the BED. There is no surprise that people with BED have risks of obesity. If you are worried about being obese, you need to know what to do with the extra weight. Start by setting a goal to shed off the additional pounds. You can battle obesity with exercise, proper portioning and wiser food choices.


  1. Type 2 Diabetes. BED is characterized by overeating. If you overeat, there is a big risk that you will get Type 2 Diabetes in no time. If you have diabetes, your body cannot use the insulin correctly which makes the sugar levels difficult to control. In handling diabetes, you have to be patient. You should keep eat healthy, exercise and monitor blood sugar levels closely.


  1. Anxiety. Most people binge eating because they are anxious or depressed. Either way, you should keep away from all the food because it cannot do you good at the end of the day. The trick here is to manage your mood in such a way that it doesn’t affect your eating habits.


  1. Digestion Problems. People who have BED tend to suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and heartburn. There are plenty of treatments for IBS and heartburn. For IBS, the basic thing that you can do is cut down the stress and healthy diet. If it persist, you have to consult your doctor right away.


  1. Heart Disease. People with BED have high cholesterol level as well as high blood pressure. These conditions can increase your risks of heart disease and stroke. If it is the matter of the heart, you need to make big changes if you want to live long. You have to stop smoking as well as exercise regularly and eventually lose weight.


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