From Drab to Dapper: 5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Guy Should Own

While styles shift every now and then, the characteristics of a well-dressed man remain the same. Of course, not every guy has the essential clothing pieces in his closet. From a perfect shirt to a well-cut suit, your wardrobe might be in need of a few pieces that’ll make you look dapper in any occasion. We listed down some of the essential clothing pieces that’ll serve as the building blocks for your more polished and masculine wardrobe.

1. Leather Jacket
A black leather jacket is an essential piece if you’re thinking of pulling an edgy look. Opt for a trim fit with shoulder seams that align right at the edge of your shoulders. It’d also be a good idea to go for a supple leather with a hard texture – a thicker hide with a little grain will help add character to your overall look.

2. Dark Suit
A black or charcoal grey two-button suit with notch lapels flatters any body types, requires little thought and is very versatile. It’s a classic piece that supports neutral-toned shirts or pops of colour for added personality. Just ensure that it’s perfectly tailored so it’ll look as nice as that of an Armani suit.

3. White Dress Shirt
If you only need one in your closet, then ensure that you invest in a high quality white dress shirt. It’ll give you well-constructed buttons, collars and plackets, as well as better cotton quality that’s less prone to wrinkling. Opt for a slim-fit shirt with a semi-spread collar and tails that end just right around your upper thighs. It’ll definitely look good on every man regardless of his body shape.

4. Dark Jeans
Good denim is your workhorse – repeatedly wear it and nobody will care. It’s stitching shouldn’t be ornate or contrast too much. For the fit, simply opt for a sleek cut if you have a slimmer physique. Also, don’t fear the word “stretch”; trust us, spandex makes travelling easier.

5. Wool Trousers
One of the most versatile clothing piece that you can own is a dark-grey pair of dress pants. Medium to heavyweight fabric falls just right when you walk and lies better when you sit. Trim men should opt for a slim fit that tapers on the knee down to the ankle, while bigger guys should just go for the straight leg.

Having the essential pieces right in your wardrobe is the key to making styling a lot easier for you. So be sure to invest on these piece, as these small investments will certainly pay you dividends through many years of effortless style.

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