Basic Cocktail Preparation for Beginners

Cocktail preparation is an art. It takes time and a lot of practice to be able to compete with the best bartenders in Singapore. But with the following techniques, you can host the best parties for your friends and family.

Alcohol Content
Generally, any type of cocktail, whether it’s short or long drink, should never contain more than 7 cl of alcohol.

A balanced drink should have harmony. No ingredient or flavor should dominate the rest, although there are cocktails that don’t follow this rule.

Blending is done with the use of a regular blender. Some ingredients don’t break down with shaking alone. The result of blending is a smooth mixture that can be served right away.

Building is the placing of ingredients in a cocktail glass and letting these float on top of each other without mixing. A swizzle stick is used for some to mix these ingredients.

There is an unwritten rule not to combine two products to create something good. That’s because two bad products result in a bad cocktail.

In cooling, the cocktail glass is placed in the refrigerator or the ice cubes are rolled inside the glass to make it cool.

Ideally, the ice should be dry and as cold as possible so that no water is mixed in the cocktail. For other cocktails, crushed and shaved ice are preferred.

Cocktails are a mixture of different ingredients and alcoholic beverages. There is a rule that when following a cocktail recipe, you should follow the correct order of mixing and placing the ingredients. You should also never have more than five ingredients in one cocktail.

Layering is the method of placing an ingredient with the goal of making it float on top of the other ingredients. It requires the knowledge of which alcoholic beverages will float and which ingredients can be placed on top or at the bottom.

Muddling is the crushing of the ingredients and garnishes with the use of a mortar and pestle or the back end of a spoon. This is done to extract the flavor from the fresh ingredients.

The rim of the glass is moisturized with lime or lemon juice and then dipped in salt or sugar.

Shaking is done with a cocktail shaker to mix all the ingredients such as juices, eggs and cream and then chill the drink at the same time. You will know if it’s chilled if condensation forms on the surface of the shaker.

Stirring cocktails is done with the use of the metal or glass rod and a mixing glass. When condensation forms on the surface of the mixing glass, you should strain the contents.

Some drinks require straining to remove residue from fruit juices and other ingredients and to make sure everything is finely mixed. Make sure to use ice cubes instead of crushed ice for drinks that need straining.

Sometimes orange or lemon skin is added to the drink after squeezing it over the cocktail.

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