Background Check: Is It Necessary to Conduct?

A background check is often done as part of a company’s pre-employment process. In some instances, however, this process is disregarded just so they could hire someone right away. But that shouldn’t be the case. If you think an employee background check is unnecessary, well, you better read this.


A background check is done so that the employer will have a glimpse of what kind of person the employee or applicant really is. It is also used to find out whether or not the things stated in the application form, resume, and other credentials are true. With the amount of applications that a company receives for an open position, the employer may find it hard to choose the best one to hire. That’s why in some cases, there are applicants who put false information just to impress them. If you do find out that there are fabricated information in the hopeful’s application, no matter how small or minor it is, then you better look for another one to hire. There would always be someone who’s more suitable for the job than them.

Often, employee background check services are done for legal purposes. It is actually stated in the law that employers are obliged to do background checks. Why? This is because there are some people who are not allowed to work. They are those illegal migrants residing in the country. If a government or high ranking official found out that an illegal migrant has been employed by a company, the company may be penalised. Failure to provide evidence of the employee’s background check may incur charges and penalties of up to £20,000. That is why doing background checks can actually do good to your company’s reputation, not to mention save you from unnecessary charges.


If you are in the healthcare or the child care sector, besides the normal employee background check services, all applicants and employees need to undergo a criminal record check too. Since they are or will be working in an industry that is aimed at providing care and welfare for people, the employers must ensure that they are free of any criminal records.

One more thing, a background check is also beneficial to the safety of the other employees and the whole company as well. Imagine if a proper background check wasn’t done and a criminal was hired, do you think it will be safe? Of course it won’t be. You’re putting your entire workforce in danger for hastily employing someone whose identity was not verified.

To all applicants and employees thinking that an employee background check is something the employer does to snoop in your privacy, it is not. It’s done to verify what you’ve stated in your application. And also, to know that you are really eligible to work in the company. Note that all findings will be classified as confidential. Besides, there’s no need to fear a background check if you have nothing to hide, right?


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