A Guide to Choosing Your Vocal Coach

Getting the right voice coach is one of the most important things you should consider if you’re planning to take some singing lessons. Choosing the wrong coach only leads to wasted time, effort, and money, or worse vocal damage. So before you start looking for a vocal coach, here’s a list of things that you should consider as you choose your voice instructor.

1. Decide on the Type of Coach that You Want

Before you proceed in choosing your voice coach, it’s important for you to first determine your requirement for an instructor. If you don’t have any knowledge about singing but you want to learn more about it, then consider choosing a voice teacher who does instructional voice lessons. If you have already been trained and you just want to improve your voice, then choose a voice coach that offers vocal training programs that lasts for a month or two.

2. Research on the Coach’s Credentials, Competency, and Reputation

One of the best ways to find a good vocal coach if you love singing class in Singapore is to perform an extensive market research in your area in Singapore, or in the internet. Check on each of your prospective instructors’ competency and credentials, then group the ones that you think have the best reputation as voice coaches.

Communicate with the coaches that you’ve shortlisted, and ask if they can provide references of their existing and previous students. If possible, ask a particular coach if you can watch how he trains his students, or if you can listen to the vocal lessons he’s teaching. Doing this will give you an idea as to how well the coach communicates with his or her students.

3. Think of the Singing Progress the Trainer Can Offer

Now that you’ve seen the instructor handle a vocal training session first-hand, it’s now time to see whether or not he can give you the singing progress that you want. Such progress can be worthwhile insights that you can use as you start developing, or continue improving your singing voice. So consider checking for some meaningful progress on the trainer’s lessons be it vocally, experientially, or intellectually before you decide to hire him or her.

4. Inquire About the Duration of His Course

Depending on the course duration that you want, most singing lessons are usually categorized into three segments. Although three years of vocal training is necessary for beginners, some voice coaches offer short-term courses that trains and allows novice singers to perform in certain events. News anchors, radio announcers, commentators, and emcees usually learn under these courses.

5. Talk About the Trainer’s Service Charge

Other than asking about the course duration offered by a particular voice coach, it’s also crucial that you spend time discussing his or her service charges. Fees for vocal lessons tend to vary depending on the duration of the vocal training that you want to take. Additional fees might even be added if you decided to have a more personalized and systematic vocal lesson. Some singing lessons are charged based on the number of hours you’ll be trained.

If you’re not that confident with these service charges, you can choose to enrol in short courses and just upgrade later on as you start making some progress.

6. Consider Your Rapport With Your Prospective Voice Coach

There’s just no point to getting a famous voice coach if you’re not comfortable training with him or her, since the only way for you to completely understand and explore your voice is to be at ease with your instructor. Being anxious or afraid of making mistakes while training with your coach won’t improve your singing skills that much. For you to really learn the proper way of singing, you need to be willing to sing badly at first. Your voice instructor should then encourage you to take some risk, and try different vocal ranges until you find the range that perfectly fits you. Doing this won’t be possible if you’re too anxious around your coach while taking your singing lessons.

7. Look Into the Trainer’s Vocal Training Experience

Apart from being fun and comfortable to work with, your prospective voice coach should also be experienced enough, and has a good grasp of the singing styles you’re interested to learn. Also, he or she should be knowledgeable enough about various artistic and vocal techniques that you can use to improve your singing prowess. Getting a voice coach with enough knowledge and experience in the field of singing will make improving your voice a lot easier. If possible, choose a voice coach who experienced teaching at a music school, or any singing studio in Singapore.

8. See if the Trainer is Goal-Oriented

When looking for a voice instructor, one of the most important thing to consider is whether or not the person is goal-oriented. It’s important that your voice coach is capable of helping you set long- and short-term goals that will aid you in nurturing the singing voice that you’ve always wanted to have. In addition, your trainer should also continue challenging you to meet the goals you set over time.

Finding a good vocal coach is one of the most important steps that you need to take in order to become a good singer. So make sure that you keep the aforementioned tips in mind as you continue to search for a trainer who will provide you with the education and experience that you need.

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