A Girl Needs Her Tribe: Why GNO Will Always Be Essential


After an entire week of doing “adult” stuff, we need a way to vent, cope and just relax for a while. Even when our workaholic life gets outrageously busy, a girls’ night out is extremely important to keep our sanity. Here’s how GNO gets our minds off our demanding lives.

  1. You Get to Dress Up

Do you ever feel sick of always looking office-appropriate? Going out on a Friday night with the girls is a great opportunity to dress up and look glamorous. Now is the time to wear that sequined bodycon dress, those killer heels and your favourite bright red lipstick.

  1. You Can Catch-Up On Things You’ve Missed

As you age, it gets more difficult to catch up with friends as often as you’d like to. Get-togethers happen more seldom, meaning there’s much more to catch up on. A GNO is the best time for those what-did-I-miss kinds of conversations.

  1. You Can Finally Complain and Rant

If there’s one absolute thing that your girlfriends will always be there for, it’s listening to things that no one wants to hear about. You can let loose of your rage, sadness, anxiety or whatever emotion you’ve been holding for so long and just let it out in the open. After ranting for half an hour, you’ll feel so much better and be in the mood to enjoy the night away.

  1. You Can Eat and Drink Whatever You Want

Whether or not you are in a diet the entire week, you can be sure that you have the chance to pig out when you are out with your girlfriends. Forget about counting calories and let this be a cheat night. The gym will always be there when you get back on track the next day.

  1. It Just Feels Good to be With the Right People

We meet different people every day, but nothing feels more comforting being around with people who truly understands and knows you inside out. A girls’ night out is like a recharge that prepares you for another hectic week ahead of you.

While it may just be another night of fun and drinks, a GNO is essential for keeping yourself mentally, physically and emotionally focused. Amidst the crazy nature of our career, we need our best friends to keep ourselves grounded—and our sanity intact.

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