10 Signs That Tell You’re Not Drinking Enough Water


With the changing climate these days, Singapore surely becomes very hot. It’s not enough you put on sun protection or just stay indoors. The basic thing you should keep in mind is to hydrate. Water is sixty percent of your body. When you don’t get the right amount of it every time, you experience signs and symptoms that your body is signaling for help.

Prolonging this state could lead to worse conditions. You may not notice it because you’re too focused with work or you’re so into soda and flavored drinks. But please take note that water is necessary. Hear your body’s cry and recognize the signs that you’re not giving your body the right amount of water it should have:

  1. Skin breakouts. Your skin needs to be constantly hydrated as it is always exposed to the environment – plus you shed off water thru sweat to cool your skin. Your body tends to conserve its water and leave the skin dry to allow your “internal environment” get sufficient water supply.


  1. Mouth or lips feel dry. Like how the body shunts water from the skin to other parts, the mouth and lips are also less prioritized when it comes to allocation of supply. The mucous membranes of these body parts may feel dry or even crack and be prone to infection when left unmanaged.


  1. Joint pains. The synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints and aids smooth movement among bones, is largely composed of water. When you don’t supply your body with adequate water, in the long run, you might just feel arthritic pains coming along even at a young age.


  1. Premature aging. As people age, it is physiologically normal that the water content in the body tends to decrease. But when you experience decrease in muscle mass and aging signs and symptoms at a young age, try checking how many glasses of water you’re taking in a day. You might just be dehydrated!


  1. Dark-colored urine. With less water circulating in your system, the body will tend to conserve it by decreasing and saturating the urine. This may not be so much of an issue to you now but when you tolerate this symptom, you’re also increasing your risks for urinary tract infections or even kidney disease.

  1. Constipation. When you try to review how your digestive tract works, you’ll know how vital it is to have water aiding your smooth bowel movement. With less water, your digestive wastes will be impacted and will cause you discomfort.


  1. Dry and blood-shot eyes. Your eyes float in water. Less of it, your eyes’ mucous membranes, like that of your mouth, will dry and be prone to irritation, causing blood-shot eyes.


  1. Hunger pangs. When you’re dehydrated, your brain’s thirst center will send signals that you need some intake. It may send the same signals which stimulate you to have cravings and hunger pangs as your body is in dire need to be satisfied.


  1. Stressed. Ever recalled being in a bad mood but relieved with a cold glass of water? Sometimes, your mood is affected by how well you’ve been hydrated. Being dehydrated affects your circulating fluids, meaning it affects your blood which carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells.


  1. Often sick. Because water is a major component of blood, it transports materials in and out of your cells. When you become dehydrated, wastes and other toxins accumulate since only a few are carried out.

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