Some of the Best, Healthy Late-Night Treats for You to Munch on

We all have our fair share of late night cravings. While some nights they are easy to shrug off and ignore, there are times when the craving gets so powerful that we can’t fall asleep without munching on a snack. This leads us to ordering pizza online or tearing open the junk food we’ve stored up in the drawers.

It is important to note, however, that these typical choices for late night snacking aren’t really healthy. Aside from the fact that they are laden with grease and artificial preservatives, they also contain high calories which aren’t particularly necessary to the body. Fortunately, there are healthier options for you — both with a lesser calorie count and can also induce a good night’s sleep.

Ice cream and grilled cheese are both tempting to snack on in the late night, along with other junk food, but this article will present healthier alternatives. These low calorie treats are perfect for your next late night snacking, or just when the mood strikes! Remember to choose late night snacks which are easy to digest, but don’t snack on foods containing high protein, fiber, or fat content as it will lead to bloating and waking up feeling too full.

• String cheese
It is a well-established fact that string cheese is among the many processed foods, but don’t let that discourage you. A serving of this snack has filling fat and protein, leaving you feel satiated. It also contains only around 80 calories. Cheese also has Tryptophan, an amino acid which may help you feel drowsy and can thus induce sleep.

• Yogurt and fruit slices
Low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit slices can keep you full for long stretches of time and help you lose some weight. You also get your antioxidant boost from the fruits. Meanwhile, yogurt can calm your stomach as you rest, hence you are less likely to wake up to the pain of a heartburn or indigestion. Talk about a good night’s rest!

• Sliced bananas
Each banana slice has rich fiber content and contains an amino acid called Tryptophan, which can relax both the mind and body. They’re also perfect to snack on considering they save you from the hassle of cleaning up your kitchen again. No dishes or utensils you’ll be needing to wash afterwards.

• Baby carrots
Baby carrots are undoubtedly nutritious. These crunchy, bite-sized carrots leave you feeling full for long so you end up dozing off. A full stomach leads us to feel drowsy, after all. Not to mention, each carrot only has roughly four fat-free calories. Yum!

• Pretzels
Multigrain pretzels are not only tasty but they are packed with nutrients, too. It is the best alternative to the greasy, deep-fried chips you end up snacking during the late nights. It also helps speed up your metabolism if consumed together with low-fat yogurt.

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