8 Lipstick Shades for the Olive Skin-Toned Woman

Everything you see in a woman reflects her. In the case of lipsticks, it embodies her femininity and confidence. Since women in Singapore are a mix of races, some may have the olive skin tone. The olive skin tone can be between the shades of medium brown and darker white. Usually this is characterized by warm and cold undertones, yellow and green to be specific. Since this kind of tone is usually in the middle of the color strip of skin complexions, you won’t have to take so much time in choosing but you should still consider careful selection to make the most out of your gorgeous skin color.

Here are lipstick shades that will surely suit your olive skin:

  1. Red. The red lipstick is worth a keeper for every woman’s makeup kit. It has always reflected beauty and sexiness. Put justice to red with a deep vampy shade!
  2.  Coral. This color appears to be an orange with a pinkish to reddish shade. Coral is one of the safest colors to play with when it comes to olive skin. Corals in pink bases boost a gentle feminine figure while shimmery bronzes create another aura.
  3. Nude. Be careful when you try out nude shades as a wrong pick would only make you look sickly or just not right. So when choosing, try to look into those that are one to two shades darker than the natural color of your lips. We recommend rich taupe or peachy nudes to the olive lady.
  4. Peach. Be picky with peach. When you get the right type of peach, you’re sure to rock this shade with a complementary blush-on and simple eye makeup. Soft peaches are best for fair to medium olive skin while bold peaches suit those with deep to dark olive skin.
  5. Mauve.You can choose from three mauves: red, orange, and berry. This pale purple shade of lipstick can bring out the best in your look. Just pick them right!
  6. Purple. A bronzing powder or an even dash of plum blush on your cheeks do well with dark purple lipsticks. Choose purple lipsticks with yellow undertones to give the best out of your olive complexion.
  7. Plum and berry. Pull off the drama with plums and berries. Go for the medium shades; they definitely suit best.
  8. Pink. Light to deep shades of pink are perfect for the olive-toned lady. Try to avoid pinks with reddish undertones as these will tend to make you appear washed out.

The search for lipsticks is never an easy task for a woman, but it sure is worth an investment of your time. Image is everything!

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