10 Car Repairs That Should be Left to Professionals

Tinkering every bit and piece of one’s car can be a fun way to while away the time for many guys, and almost any vehicle owner with basic mechanical knowledge and tools can perform rudimentary car repair tasks right in their own garage.

However, in the last 20 years, automobiles in Singapore have become a lot more complicated. Car engines became more complex as car components became more and more automated. Rods, levers and cables have paved the way to the integration of computers and automated systems in automobiles. It has now become more complicated to fix things that even minor car maintenance jobs sometimes require removal of massive parts to access something other parts deeper in the car.

While you can certainly do fluid checks and wiper blades replacement by yourself, there are a whole bunch of work that backyard mechanics should not attempt. If you need these following repairs and maintenance jobs to be done, it’s best to let the professionals handle them.

1. Replacing the Clutch

Of course, you have the choice to do this on your own, but do it once and see if you want to do it again. It may not be complex work, but it requires removing the engine, which sure takes some effort. If you’re not up to some heavy lifting, just leave this be. It’s better to leave it to the best car servicing professionals in Singapore who have the muscles and the right equipment to execute the work efficiently.

2. Working Around Airbags

Fortunately, this area doesn’t need that much attention, but should still be considered regardless. If you need something to be done close to the dash panels or steering wheel, remember that there’s a significantly-sized explosive charge hidden in there. You wouldn’t want to get injured in case things fail, right? So best leave this task to a professional car maintenance staff also.

3. Reconstruction of Differential

Car components in general require delicate care, and differentials require even more so. The smallest error in the setting can make your car create very loud noises and may even cause certain parts of the car to completely disintegrate. The placement and distances of gears must be just right, and the alignment should be close to perfection. It’s a job that needs serious mathematical measuring and lots of experience, which only experts can do.

4. Replacement of Windshield

Handling a big, heavy sheet of glass that should be installed with precision (and without smearing adhesive in unnecessary places) is not something you would want to do without experience and practice. Call a local glass specialist or bring your car to a car servicing company—either way, you’ll get professional assistance.

5. Repairing Automatic Transmission

Even the most experienced and well-equipped professional will shake his head when talking about this monstrous repair. A Turbo Hydramatic was already a complex piece to work on even years ago; a mode right-speed wonder-box that needs more processing is a much more hopeless job for all except for certified car servicing companies.

6. Repairing Air Conditioning System

Although handling Freon is out of the picture, working with a car’s air conditioning system still involves a lot of tubing and handling of delicate components (with some of them even buried in the dashboard or connected to the car’s computer system). You may even have to familiarize the law of thermodynamics if you insist on repairing your AC yourself. To save you from the grease and the hassle of researching what the law of thermodynamics is, just bring your car to a car maintenance company for your AC needs.

7. Body Work

If your car has dents or major damage in its body, you would probably think that you can correct the damage by hammering out the dents yourself. The truth is that the panel beaters do more than just knocking out the dents in the body of your car. While you can beat the dent out, you may not have enough knowledge and skills to smooth out the damaged area, repaint it, and make it look seamless with the rest of the car.

8. Overheating Repairs

If your car overheats, you may think of two possible issues: the temperature gauge and the gasket issue. Although these two could be the cause of initial problem, some overheating issues trace back to other problems in the car’s mechanical works. This means even if you have the temperature gauge replaced, your car can overheat again and could possibly develop a major breakdown in the car’s engine.

9. Repairing Suspensions

Springs, struts, and bushings look quite easy to repair. However, there is a significant amount of energy kept in a compressed coil spring, which can be hazardous if not handled properly. A wheel alignment is also necessary to close the car repair job, and very few home mechanics have the necessary equipment to get this job done.

10. Fixing Running Problems

When your car stalls, lurches, does not start or the check engine light in the dashboard lights up, it’s time to take your car to a car repair shop. Fixing these kinds of modern car problems at home can become a huge expense. You can easily end up replacing part after part before finally identifying the root cause of the problem.

Fluid level checks and filter replacement can be handled as self-maintenance works. But if you notice any problems beyond this, have your car checked by a car servicing expert. Going the DIY route is not always an economic solution, especially when dealing with engine and system problems.

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